Paleo Things

Fuel As RX -Amy Kubal
I'm honoured and excited to be working with Amy Kubal who was sent to me from Robb. She also works with Joe Friel and that's top notch in my books! She is helping me to achieve the dream with diet, in a way that I believe in and her energy and dedication is like an Olympic Champion. Thank you Amy!

Robb Wolf
Robb is a no-fuss, really simple, this works-do it, kinda-guy. I have attended his seminar talks twice and each time I leave feeling nourished with knowledge! He is active in trying to educate people on the ways of the paleo and why not only for performance, but for your everyday quality of life doing paleo is important! He has a podcast that is awesome to listen to! And also a great book on the nuts and bolts of the paleo solution.

Nell Stephenson Nutrition and Fitness
I really like reading Nell's blog. She is the queen of paleo concoctions! She was the first person to introduce me to the Paleo Diet. She is unwavering in its strength in your performance and lifestyle. Her studies in culinary arts really shows, as her dishes are beautifully presented! She is an ironman triathlete winning her age group all the time! She also has a fabulous cookbook out, that you can buy on Amazon.

Mark's Daily Apple free ebook
Mark has been in the Paleo/Primal scene for a while, and is a great starting resource to get going on Paleo/Primal behaviour.

Michael Pollan
Reading Michael Pollan's books opened up a new world for me. It makes me want continue ingraining the paleo lifestyle. Where is our food coming from, and what is going on in agriculture? His book, in Defense of Food is brilliant. A shorter version to his book, Omnivores Dilemma. I hear the phrase all the time: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

He has appeared in a couple of films about food that I really recommend you watch. I liked Food, Inc. Fast Food Nation was brutal. Its hard to believe this is not fiction. King Corn is what started opening my eyes to this mess of money over wellness.
Here is also a great video on Michael on Authors at Google.

Finally just some fun random things:
Paleo in a Nutshell video