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Here is a list of Products I use and would recommend:

I love the whey vanilla protein powder, the gels and their signiture Recoverite. They also have a Recovery Bar with more protein in. Use this client number of mine to get more discount: 113683

Living Tree is a very special company with sustainable farming principles that are followed at no expense. I love their nuts selection and nut butter mixes that are delightful to cook with! Also treats like the cocoa nibs are a must in my kitchen for any occasion.

The training guidance from Matthew and Jeff is a necessity for my performance. These guys are really smart, and using their system is simple yet so effective. It also creates a new level of awareness that I bring to my training.

I have had a very interesting relationship with Hudson. When I won the single at the 2009 Head of the Charles, presented to me by Criag, I was not convinced Hudson was the boat for me. In 2011, when I rowed in OKC, the fleet was decked out in Hudson, and I got in the double. It sailed. Later on, I rowed the single and it was beautifully fast. But what I have come to appreciate even more is the unbelievable service from Glen, Jon and Rudd. Thank you!