Sunday, January 18, 2009


So a straight plug convertor is not enough. You need to read the label on the machine to make sure it can take the higher input.
Lesson of the day: USA volts 110
Spain volts 220. Not the same thing.

The first day I made my protein shake, I was delighted that the bullet spun and all is well. However there was lots of black powder that dispersed from the bottom of the machine. Maybe from the travel I thought. But there is this burning smell also. Curious. Oh well. Hopefully it will go away. Yes, well, three more times I used my bullet until this morning when I plugged it in, using my handy european plug convertor, and when I turned the cup that turns the blender on....nothing.

I knew, I knew that the burning smell, the black smoke.... I burnt the motor out. Now after a little research, reading labels on electrical machines are s important as reading labels on food products! Who knew?! Some things like my laptop shows on the adaptor input 110-220V, and reading the Bullet, it says 110V. And that’s it!

So what does this conclude in my life lessons learnt:
2008 saw me learning about fingers in blenders, and 2009 saw my blender motor meltdown because of too much volts!

And final conclusion : Ursula and a blender are not a good combination!

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