Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NEW ZEALAND - Strongly familiar, but slightly off

I guess from landing and hearing English at the airport, summer in November, seeing cars drive on the left, rugby commentary and netball courts, the country felt like South Africa. I felt a familiarity here easy to connect with.

The task at hand was the Rowing Championships and flags all around town noted the presence of this event. The tv channel is dedicated to showing and talking about rowing all day. And suddenly our sport takes a spotlight like ESPN basketball, baseball or football. However every now and again, there is an off beat, where you become aware that this is a difference place and not exactly as you know. Perhaps in the little cars, or the slight word with that kiwi accent. And this brought to light how I felt our semi-final go down. There was a feeling that we were rowing, but something was off. And Abby and I didn't quite connect and set in a rhythm that we needed. To not make that A final was crushing. I woke up this morning, feeling like a funeral. Feeling like my best friend had died. Hearing the interview with the New Zealanders at the course today talking about their victory over us was hard. But as I know all to well, it could be the flip side and to win means also accepting this defeat. We have a B final tomorrow to stand up to, and then a smashing quad race on Saturday that is still a privileged to row for and row with these strong USA rowers.


  1. Go get them girl!! The stars have been beautiful here. Look up and you will still see them there too.

  2. here is a Video of the day. Not great to watch, but good to learn from: