Monday, April 18, 2011

NSR 1 2011

NSR 1 is upon us and I'll be racing in the open single (W1X). The entries and results will be posted on this site called Regatta Central: Regatta Central

Follow results and more details here : USRowing

This is the first step to make the USA National Team. I remember when I came to Elite Nationals the summer of 2008, the first time I raced on Mercer; I was so excited that one day when I got my citizenship that I could row here to compete to make the US Team. I still have that chill of excitement.

Rowing Illustrated Boards will have a post race interview.

My USRowing Bio

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  1. Excited to see you race. Travelingbto NSR to watch the OCU athletes row, but will cheer on all the OKC family. Safe travels and best of luck!