Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bicycle and Boat

There are only two ways to experience Holland: By Boat or by Bike.

Training in a rowing shell most days, I'm confined to a 2km course of the Bosbaan, so not much tourism there. But on the Amstel River the channels allow the pleasure boats, powered by petrol, to come out when the sun shine. Its a traffic jam like typical highway at rush -hour and near-mere crashes. We got the experience this on Fran's power-boat and cruised the channels while eating grilled chicken breasts cut in squares for easy finger bites. Potato salad made with a tahini-dill mayo (no actual dairy used) and large grilled veggies like broccoli and zucchini with garlic.

Or early mornings allow rowers in their singles to wonder the Amstel. I ran along the river while Frans rowed. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of single scullers out there. It had the feel of Seattle, where many row for it power, grace and beauty.

The other way is by bike. The bikes litter the streets like plastic bags. Buckled or bent, wrapped or locked around fences, bike stands, they come at me like people with distinctive personalities. They come at me when I'm driving too, so better to bike than drive. More Amsterdam bike portraits >

I remember a college mate, Nic Grobler, who did a bicycle portrait project for South Africa raising money for the underprivileged. Really nice photos and videos of his work can be seen here >


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