Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2012 Calendar -ORDER NOW

I have put together a really fun calendar that I'm hoping you will enjoy as much as I did taking the pictures, making the memories, and now sharing them with you! This calendar contains my wonderful travels in America, South Africa & Netherlands, and rightfully added are the national holidays of those countries! Spain, Luzern, New Zealand are also included!

Attached are a few sample pages of the calendar. Its a normal sized square calendar (12 inches x 12 inches) (30cm x 30cm).
Price is $37.00. Pay on paypal with credit card and I'll get this in the mail to you right away!

Also up for order is my first go at a little booklet done is a light-hearted drawing, journal-like theme to encourage interaction through learning about nutrition. This is my first writings and one day when I have published a few books, which is my goal, you will look back at this first pdf book download and laugh at the small beginnings we all need to make before we can soar!

More about my paleo winning pdf nutrition booklet for download here : http://paleowinning.blogspot.com/

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