Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WORLD CUP I -and I’m in it

Tere came to Seattle to help prepare the double a few weeks ago. A big thank you to Carlos and Julie who hosted her at their house. Then Tere and I returned to Barcelona. Unfortunately on different flights. However, luckily we game in through the same gate only 30min apart. And I say luckily with a capital L, because Tere comes through the passport control to find me sitting outside. The immigrations officer did not like my return visa. And questioning was a problem since my spanish was not conversational. Then Tere arrived, and I don’t know what she said to this officer, and how she charmed him, but the next moment, not only is he letting me through customs.... he and all the other officers are taking pictures with us, making us sign the photocopied pictures.... what a show!
Only a week away.
It all became more real when I saw the entries of the boats. And I was on that list! (LW2x). We race the heats on Friday, 30 May (event 20) starting at 12:42. And then the final on Sunday, 31 May at 12:15. (Central Europe Time Zone, GMT +1)

The streets are filled with big posters announcing the event. Copa Del Mundo they call it here. The website I created for the world cup a few months ago really has a feature now. And I have a little fan club coming from Lake Stevens! Thank you to Greg and Rebecca for making the trip!

Now in Banyoles, the crews are coming, Carlos is arriving on Monday to finally be there when I race.
The work is done for now. Thank you to all who have helped me get even to this point! I’m so excited!
Focus, Ready, Row!

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