Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It is almost a year later since the dreaded damage of my previous Wintech boat came back to me in two. In fact we are working on the logistics today about racing the US Nationals again. But this time, we are hoping to rent from Wintech on the east coast!

So in August ‘08 I was able, with help from many donations, to place the order with Filippi to get a brand, shiny, new F15 LW boat. The delivery of the boat was very delayed. Finally in March ‘09 the boat arrived in Seattle. I was in the plane boarding at San Francisco when the delivery truck called saying I’m at Pocock, come get your boat.  The hostess was trying to explain to us sitting at the emergency exist and telling me, you need to shut your phone off, while I was trying to desperately call Carlos saying please can you help get my boat!

From March to June the boat rested at Carlos’s boathouse-basement. And today, yes today I put the boat in the water, rigged and ready to rock!

Boat name:
I equate this Italian stallion to my Ferrari!
my Mondial - meaning world in Italian
Barchetta - meaning little boat in Italian
or Lusso - meaning luxury in Italian
or maybe I should call this boat Malcolm - after my brother

Thank you so much to the following people who helped donate towards this boat:
  • Lee & Judy Steers - Thank you mom, Lee! Thank you.
  • Julie McCleery - Thank you for helping guide me through this.
  • Graham Murphy - my fellow triathlete and south african.
  • Stuart Mack - ballroom dancing partner.
  • Sandy - what history we share, thank you for this new journey.
  • Clayton Cunningham - thanks Clayton. Long time.
  • Krash Test Kimmie - thanks Kim. Quick recovery to your son.
  • Jennifer Smith - Thanks to everything Anytime Fitness means to me.
  • Ellen Hagarty - Thanks for your faith and persistence.
  • Camila - Keep up the good training too!
  • John & Linda - My first erg students. Thank you for this great gift.
  • George & Darlene - Great conversations, thank you for your time.
  • Rauchell McDaniel - Thank you for putting up with the parking.
  • John Cameron - Thank you! See you in the Mill Creek Gym.
  • Linda Hunt - Wow thanks to SVC! I had a great learning experience.
  • Christine Grant - Thank you so much!
  • Lindsey & Nancy Hochman - Thanks so much and sorry this happened.
  • Nancy - Thank you for reaching out.
  • Claudia McCain - Thanks Claudia for understanding.
  • Paula and Kelly - Thank you!
  • Heather Tromp and girls - Thanks so much Trompers.
  • Tim & Mary Panichi - wow, thank you Mary. See you at the gym.
  • Kat - yes I will be getting insurance for this new boat :)
  • Wendy & Jim - yay!
  • Bill & Cindy - Thank you so much for your honest smiles.
  • Judy & Ed - Thank you for sharing my dream.
  • Don & Ann - Your neighborly warmth is of great comfort to me.
  • Greg Williams - Thank you for helping me with the Medalist.
  • Alicia - Thanks for great friendship.
  • Tammy McLeod - Thank you for reaching out.
  • Chris Muser - Thank you so much for all your rigger help.
  • Kathy McCormack - My first advise seeker, thank you!
  • Hunter - I’ll come looking for the raft in summer.
  • Bob Heacox - Sorry this happened to you aswell.
  • Kati Wheeler - Thank you for believing in me, and following my journey.
  • Dionne - Thank you for being a fan! Hope to see you in London 2012!
  • Dave P - Dave, thank you for listening, and sharing with me this journey, and being a part of it all!
  • Sean & Corina - You guys are great friends to us, and Remus.
  • Kevin & Kim - The K’s family. Looking forward to Koda’s next visit.
  • Glen & Ann - Thank you for making the connection.
  • Carlos & Julie -There are not enough words.
  • Abbie B Berry - Thanks for working with me.
  • Karen Calara - I’m sure we will still walk a long path together, thank u.
  • Stern family - Thank you for bringing me to Seattle. Who knew.
  • Audrey Alderson - Thank you for being a friend to Judy Steers.
  • Al McGuire - Thank you for your support. It was my pleasure to work with Grady!
  • Diane Combs - Thank you supporting me, and your friendship to Judy Steers.
  • Black Fly Sculers - Thank you Black Flys! Go Flys!
  • Tom Paul - A great pleasure meeting you at Henley! Keep those flys swarming!
  • Kennedy McGill - Thank you for listening and caring!
  • Michael Smith - Lucky me, that you found the money in the gym! Thank you!

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