Friday, August 7, 2009

Heat 2 > Lane 5 > 7:39.43

Event 81:

The weather was good. Not too hot, not too cold. The water was good. The current was a little strange, pushing the boat at the start. The shallow water with tangling undergrowth made sure I kept shallow blades, however I almost took a dive in the warm-up. On the way to the start my foot board nuts and bolts loosened and I had to make a stop at the umpire boat for a wrench. Other than that, the race went fine. Everything to get ready for the final now on Sunday at 3:25pm. This was my first race in the new single!

Some interesting things about my competitors:
I have a close friend who went by k. hearn. There was a k. hearn in my race and I thought that was very coincidental.
Lacey Crawley is the daughter of Rick Crawley who are our boat trailer drivers all the way from U. Vic. Thank you to them for driving the boats safely. Isolda from Heat 1 won this event last year. She also won her heat, so we will battle it out again in the final.

Then interesting according to Canadian Henley rules, I can’t race any other event, like the Senior Women single or the Lwt Women single for the 500m dashes both for open and lightweight because I have raced in a World Cup. I could only enter the Champ Single which is open weight category.

We also found out today that the masters World Champs will be here at St. Catherines next year September.

Peter Kellett, our host from the B&B we are staying at was at the finish grandstand as he was last year, and took a few shots! Thank you so much Pete and Teresa for your support. Ridley Gate Manor is a wonderful addition to my Henley experience.

Thank you to NCC, for whom I could race for. Go Orange!

What more can I say. On to the final on Sunday!

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