Monday, March 22, 2010

No Longer a Prawn

It’s been long awaited, but today March 22, 2010 I said my pledges, took my oath and got the certificate as proof. I am now a USA Citizen!

Many paths and many journey’s to get to one’s dream or destiny. I’m not sure yet how I feel. But its great to have achieved something of this magnitude and stature. I’m doing the ABC’s to get closer to the Olympic Dream. 

Afterwards I got to thinking about how symbolic it was that I became a citizen in the year that Barack Obama gave the "Welcome to America" address as a new citizen. I think that meant the most to me, based on where we came from. I think he's from Kenya, right? I have also always enjoyed the elements to his logo >>

Thank you so much to everyone who helped write letters and pursue this process with me.

Special mention to:

DJ (of course)
The office from Maria Cantwell
Chief Randy Celori of the Lake Stevens Police Department
Chris Helm
Lee Steers
John Parker
Jen Goldsack
Todd Packard
Bruce Lakma

If you are wondering about the Prawn comment, you need to indulge yourself in the movie called District 9. It's so South African, I love it. The guy you plays Wikus van der Merwe is the real deal. If you ask me what are the people like in South Africa, this is it!

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