Saturday, February 27, 2010

Platforms from which we jump

NW Rowing Awards

From the key note speakers, Anna and Bob Jr Cummins I learned about some outside factors that define and shape a champion. The conclusion came to platforms from which champs can jump to reach new heights. Thank you to my platforms and support group. I’m bouncing like a Tigger!

Lake Union hosted the annual NW Rowing Awards. The beautiful venue was intimate and warm. Thank you to Caitlin McClain for putting it all together. The food was really good. I believe we have Conel Groom to thank for the tasty linner (something between lunch and dinner).
I was nominated for crew of the year, and received the 2010 NW Rowing Crew of the Year Award.

To have the title be crew, indicated that I did not achieve this on my own. And tying in to the keynote speakers, we achieve great things when we recognize the help from those around who donate and offer their time and money. Coaches, medical staff, benefactors, housing, were some of the points mentioned. Thank you so much to my platforms who help me achieve. Often silently in the background. Thank you Greg, Terri, Sheryl and Judy for coming to the dinner and supporting me. Thank you also to Kathy McCormack, who encouraged me to get out there and row!

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