Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Koninklijke-Holland Beker

Well, I AMSTERDAM reads loudly in my experience here, so far. I like the dutch. They are busy, active people, riding strange bikes, all over the place; all over the streets, like the Spanish with their vespers. Small roads with more bike lanes than car lanes, and water, water everywhere. Cafes and coffee riddle the street corners like Starbucks in Seattle. And english spoken by all -in some form. My afrikaans language helping me with the dutch translations, now and again. The orange bleeds here from the houses in little flags of football. The craze continues and supporters and bars are filled. In the midst of all of this, I'm driving a green station wagon to the Bosbaan, where I will race on Saturday and Sunday. A little 'miggie', an afrikaans word for a mayfly, among the moths. Looks like heats for the W1x, Ladies Trophy event starts on Saturday at 11am. Semi's on Sunday at 11am, and finals at 3:40pm, same day.

I am staying at the house of the famous Emperor of the Amstel, Frans Gรถbel. Yesterday we went on a bike tour of Amsterdam. It was great fun, but crazy. Construction everywhere though, so the famous museums where under repair. Then I took the 2-hour drive to see the other famous dutch man here, the inventor of the Rowperfect Cas Rekers. That was an amazing time.

I'm also thankful to Robbrecht who has been helping me with the boat rigging and to Rob Heeres from Heeres Boat Service boat rentals for my fantastic S4 Croker blades, just right. No more Bled oar last minute swap outs. I've been trying to think of a name for this Filippi with carbon riger and black stripe down the deck and red on the sides. Made me think of a deck of cards. La Reina,  or Queen of Spades, or maybe just Viper?

The website race here >

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