Sunday, June 27, 2010

Racing at the Holland Beker

Well where do I start:
This was another great learning experience. Just like at NSR 1 when I raced putting myself in a higher pressure point. The final result was not as I like it. But the journey is intensified and has more purpose when results like this happen. In this journey, I can say, in the heat I beat Knapkova, who made three push attempts to pass me. I can say I beat the famous and esteemed Karsten, while rowing the most efficiently I ever have. I can say I made the A final in a field of women who have raced Olympic level many times, and I was there in the first 500m, and I was there in the 1000m. From then onwards the wind blocked me, and pushed me back. What what a fight and if I was there once, I can again!
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  1. You are so awesome! Good job Ursula.

  2. Good job. The head win always helps heavier rowers.