Friday, September 10, 2010

The Gift of Traveling

I have just gone through my parent's photos of a world tour to the modern seven day wonders they won. Their photos were so spontaneous, it made me smile and feel as if I was taking them. Traveling is such a gift. I remember driving by the Johannesburg airport and getting chills just because of the hope that one day a plane would take me somewhere new, to experience exciting things. Now as a national team athlete, traveling is something that needs to be managed. Almost how little damage it can do to your performance, instead of something to look forward to, it has a mindset of a necessary evil. And sometimes, you go to these places and you are like a CEO, except instead of boardroom to hotel, its rowing course to hotel for us. We are about to embark on a fantastic journey to New Zealand. And I'm excited for the opportunity to race. And then to experience tourism. On a conceptual level, it reminds me to keep that beginner, intriguing and wondering mindset. That its not just another day. That this day there is new opportunities and new things to learn and experience and feel, in training and traveling.

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