Friday, September 3, 2010

Missing Kombucha

I'm hoping to see GT Dave's Kombucha bottles back on the shelves soon. It was always a highlight point when going to the Co-op or Whole Foods and picking out which flavour I felt like today. Guava goddess and the multi-green are my favourites. Guava, just because that fruit is so South African! This little fun bubbly bottle is so beautifully designed in packaging that I'm holding on to my bottle using it as a regular water bottle. The contents always made me feel like I was cleaning out my body. A real refreshing something special. GT Dave updates his status on facebook, so check it out.

I guess the story for the recall was that  actress, singer and model, Lindsay Lohan was photographed holding a bottle of Synergy Kombucha, and then her alcohol bracelet went off. There are small trace amounts of alcohol caused through the fermenting process of the live tea cultures and the longer the bottle sits, the amount that the alcohol increases is unknown. Whole Foods is the major player here, that pulled the bottles off their shelves. A briefing on the story here >.


  1. I just posted GT Dave's exclusive interview with Kombucha Kamp - it's got all the info about the recall and when GTs is coming back to stores! Hope that helps! :)

  2. Hi Ursula - check out the podcast with GT Dave to HEAR what he has to say.

    My favorite quote is ""The beauty of Kombucha is that it represents a way of life." - GT Dave


  3. Have you ever tried the High Country brand? I started drinking this one lately and it seems to be way more potent than GT's ever was. I realize now that GT is just full of juicy juice. :(

  4. Hi there! Found your post via FB. I too miss my Kombucha and LOVE the guava one too, for me because I am from Latin America! Love your header that is a gorgeous shot.

  5. Hi!

    Linked here from GT's Facebook and just wanted to say 'Hi' from a fellow South African living in the US (San Diego) and a fellow Synergy Kombucha fan! I have also saved all my bottles and shared them with my friends who love them too.

    I see we follow some of the same folks too like Robb Wolf and Nell Stephenson.


  6. I love guava goddess too!
    I always crave it yummm
    <3 whole foods and synergy