Thursday, May 19, 2011

FYI - I was misquoted

Image from Miranda July
I have been so misinterpreted and misquoted that it seems comical to me at this point. But it does hurt, because I do aspire to be a role model. I ask if I could please see the written before these articles publish, and they won't. Then I'm left with being ostracized with criticism for someone's interpretation of what I said. The one writer said my father died, when it was my mother. That's how it got published. That's how bad misquoting gets!

So I'm said to have arrogance and no humility because that's how writers are portraying the story. I ask did you listen to me in the interview with Sean Wolf on Rowing Illustrated? That was me, and that was my reply to the 3 medal challenge and my voice on my intentions with raising rowing awareness in the US for all the athletes, and trying to get the Lightweight girls a place to come together and train. And leave a base where future lightweight girls can go to and aspire to.

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