Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Rowing World - a Teenage Obsession

  As we were putting the double on the racks after morning training, I thought about my life as is, with training being my job. But its even more than that; its my obsession. In a way like a teenage stage, when everything depends on one focus. Whether that's the latest song, love or breakup. Nothing else matters. At the exclusion of everything else (mostly parents words). And your young lived-life depends on it. That's how I can get about rowing. And every stroke, of every practise.
  Then my age, and hopefully with it, some maturity,  I take a deep breathe and remember that everyday, in every way, goes a long way. Scott Gault said once he could see who were the athletes who have been around for a while. They are not roller-coasters, but more steady. A certain confidence, that even when they have a bad piece, they know they are still good, and one bad piece does not a shitty rower make.

But in this sport, where we are all so passionate, we get wrapped up in every detail. A fine balance between. Therein the magic.

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