Sunday, May 16, 2010

On to Bled, after an NSR 2 Final Gold

The Gold Star was shining, even though the rough waters stirred. Abby and I made it down the course and crossed the finish line, positioning us for an entry to Bled. At the dock we were met by the official to weigh the boat and escort us to the USADA tent. Enter Ursula's first drug testing experience. Well, three attempts and two hours later, I finally filled my cup and was able to leave the tent. Then met with Fred and Matt, to discuss the trip to Bled and how we would afford to take Carlos with us as our coach.

We are leaving for Bled on Saturday, May 22. We are staying at Hotel Park. The hotel looks like a great spot to be. Hotel Bled >
Google Maps >
The providential racing schedule for the World Cup  (LW2x) here >
More about Slovenia as a World Cup location here >

This week's logistics are crazy. Rigging the Filippi, painting blades to the USA colours, nourishing at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, where else, right? And getting enough sleep as the humidity rises here in Princeton. After all said and done, we should be back in Seattle June 1st. Carlos will stay on to support our UW team at the IRA's. Well done to the UW who were strong at the PAC 10's! Another great weekend filled with results and resolutions.

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