Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is means to race for the USA in Bled

The USA team arrived on Sunday and beautiful Park Hotel. The hotel is right on the water at the start line. The buffet meals, as picky lightweights on paleo diets is perfect! Great variety of salads and veggies. We have arugula and cooked fennel. Not just any greens!
Tired bodies walked themselves to the boat area to find our Fillipi and rig. Then tired bodies took to the water and made our first row in calm waters. I say calm now, because as the week progressed, calm was not the word anymore.
We were also given local bikes to get to the course and back. Abby and I got to the bike handout last, so Abby's bike called Hercules doesn't hold a gear for sh!t But my purple beauty did the job. As the week progressed, Hercules was retired, Abby took on the purple beauty and Ursula set out on foot.
On Monday and Tuesday, only the USA and China was seen on the course. I felt part of a deep seeded past. But this time, I was living it; not reading about it in Mrs Sommerville's history class. This time, I now as a US Citizen am a soldier part of this cold war. Although those walls long past, it still moved me.
As our rows progressed, rigging tensions came up. Carlos on video camera at the finish, communicated with us relentlessly. How to get us faster, that's what we talked about. A LOT.
Today, Wednesday we saw more teams arrive. In usual style the GB team arrived in military style. Small but wide pick-up like trucks one after the other, bikes, tents..., their presence is announced. China, although here already by the time we came has a huge showing. The yellow clothing with red stars show up everywhere. We have three china boats in our event. Looks like Kat Grainger from GB is doubling up in the World Cup. Thus does it still really seem that outrageous that I doubled up at NSR 1?
Carlos having to self fund his accommodation is hold head high. We would not be as ready as we feel without his energy. Thank you!


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