Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The late, Emil Kossev said to Abby, "you are a long term project but one day you will be a star." I have used the star symbol as a connection to my adage: 'One sees bars the other the stars!' I guess someone once called me Urshie-Star and the idea was planted. Now two girls both with the stars in their eyes are reaching for the top. If we go for the top and reach for the stars, we might not not get there, but we won't come down with a handful of mud either. Thus the journey is born. And it has already begun with an incredible week of training on Lake Samish at the new Carlos Dinares facility in Bellingham, WA.

So follow us tomorrow as the Womens LW 2x on Powerhouse Timing and lets see how far and fast down the rabbit hole we go! We are racing under the star uni's in the Silver Star Hudson lent to us by Margery, Loretta and Karen. Thank you Ladies! The same boat Renee and Jen made their debut in! Let the good flow keeps its momentum going with us, as a new combination ready to go to Bled, Slovenia!

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