Saturday, April 24, 2010

Every race is like a little novel

So far, I have six races of experience recorded, and each one like a special little novel. The different stories revealed to me has been unexpected and insightful. I have felt like a sponge just absorbing what the racing platform has brought out in my competitors and their interactions with the racing scene, and then my reaction to their interaction. Fascinating the different feel from the heavies to the lights when in the warm up area. Also from race to race, within an hour how the weather changes.

I'm sad I missed the A final in the Open 1x. I couldn't seem to get my first 1000m going, and came from too far behind in the end to take on the last 500m. I am however, ready for my B final tomorrow 7:30am. The last race.

My LW 1x was were it counted. This is what I was here for. The business of the matter. I got a good start. In fact, my start in the semi open final was good too and surprised me, since I have a history of sluggish and slow starts. I kept building through my race, looking for momentum and power. I held there and then felt the onslaught of Sarbanis. We passed the white gazebo, and that was where the money is, meaning the last 500m. Go Go Go, I voiced my body into action. Then Abby attacked Sarbanis and with that we closed the final. Ursula: 7:59, Serbanis and Abby 8:02 with only split seconds dividing positions. Interesting my semi time only 50 minutes before so much slower: 8:08. Not sure what else to say after that.


  1. Nice work Ursula. We are proud of you.
    Jeff Vale

  2. Ursula;
    We have something in common when it comes to stars. The motto on my family coat of arms reads " Feret ad astra veritas " Feret ( seek or search ) ad astra ( the stars or the heavens ) veritas ( truth ). Seek truth in the stars.
    You are our STAR and we are so proud to know you.
    Peter & Teresa