Friday, April 23, 2010

Time Trials

The cold cold morning set the stage for our time trials. The wind also progressively worsened. The open weight women heat was first. Good pace and rhythm took me down the course as one of the last participants in the event. After the time trial I quickly returned to the dock, switched out my bow number, at which point Maria came to tell me I had posted the fastest time. Drank a few sips of my Recoverite, and off I went again. I timed the second outing a little wrong. I thought I had less time between, so when I got to the start, I was there before the pairs, doubles, men's lightweights. Finally, they called and this time with bow number 99, I went down the course. The winds had changed. This race was a little more bobbing like a cork in rough water feeling. So hoping for warmer weather and calmer winds tonight in the heats. Wishinful thinking for Princeton, NSR's on Mercer Lake, right?!

Follow the results here >>

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