Thursday, April 22, 2010

My first NSR

The last time I raced down this course, I said this is for my citizenship. That was the US Nationals in 2008. Funny how the next time I raced down this same course, would be as my first race after having received my US Passport.

We arrived in Philadelphia on Wednesday and were housed by Chris and Maria. They share a wonderful revolving door open house attitude! Maria took us for a run and I, never having been in Philadelphia, enjoyed the boat houses that looked like little Snow White fairy tale cottages along boathouse row. We also ran up the Rocky Steps. And a sculpture poignantly called THE IMMIGRANT could not be passed up on this momentous regatta. It encapsulates so many emotions and aspirations, long waited for.

Thank you so much also to Tom from Sykes who has made boating so easy. I have finally called my Sykes "Phoenix", after rowing it for months, the name came to me while gliding on the Greenlake waters. The Hudson is called "Storm". The Fillipi is called "Michael", and now the Sykes was christened. More on the linkage later.

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