Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post NSR 1

So lets recap, I raced four times on Friday, twice on Saturday (one of these was my lightweight final) and once on Sunday. I won the lightweight women final, and won the B-final in the open weight division, yet posted a faster time than the winner of the A-final 20 minutes before me. This has raised huge discussions on the rowing boards, and to follow various opinions, to fully see the effect this weekend made on the community you can click here to do so > . Warning: This discussion board gets quite intense.

• I was interviewed here > Speed 5 Interview
Great photos of the weekend are here > My events are Lightweight Women 1x and Open Women 1x (singles)
• And more press releases on the US Rowing Website here >
• Finally the results are here > of the weekend's racing. Again follow the LWT 1x and W1x.

Back in Seattle and will continue with the training, building the abc's and loving my rows everyday; learning something new and feeling new momentums; working on efficiency to achieve the ultimate acceleration through seemingly effortless gliding.

Thank you so much to all the emails, and followers and believers in this dream. It is an honour to be an inspiration to anyone, and not something, I take lightly.

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